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Are you managing a ten-story office building? Perhaps facilitating a restaurant, school, or any public facility? Maintaining the neatness and sterility of the structure should be of paramount concern. It can emulate unprofessional and poor management if your business floors have prominent traces of soil and mud or the walls are dirty and the restrooms spread strong odors. We know that since your time is consumed by far more essential business matters and family responsibilities, the best course of action is to hire a janitorial service. This step will be beneficial for you and for your Santa Rosa CA commercial facility.

Bill's Cleaning Service is the most established and trusted cleaning service company in Santa Rosa CA. We have been serving both residential and commercial clients for more than 31 now. Over that period of time, our team has been able to help thousands of customers maintain healthy and clean living and/or working environments. Our bright and spotless reputation continues to grow and expand across our community and its neighboring towns. As our brand presence and reputation continues to develop, we face great challenges daily. We strive to keep up with customers’ expectations, as well as the highest quality standards on the market. Challenges that Bill's Cleaning Service confidently accepts.

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Your company Bill’s Cleaning Service has a professional staff & team, being on time, returning calls promptly, & follow through. Will definitely recommend!
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Ready to haul awayGeneral cleaning is the bread and butter of commercial cleaning services when it comes to cleanliness and sanitation of a facility. While anyone can pick up a broom, bucket and mop and perform the tasks needed, not everyone has the skill and professional training required to carry out the best job possible. Aside from cleaning duties, house cleaning service specialists are also experienced and skilled in performing routine maintenance both inside and outside your home, and also construction clean-ups. Such a broad scope of work is not a chore for the average person, lacking the proficiency, speed, and tools of an experienced janitor.

Regardless of the job size or the nature of the work you need completed, we, at Bill's Cleaning Service, are always at the top of our game. We offer top-notch house cleaning service and construction clean-up at the most affordable rates. Our team is able to deliver the highest service results. We want to make sure that clients with tight finances have access to a professional office cleaning service. At present, our team is researching innovative and more cost-effective alternatives for our commercial cleaning services. We constantly strive to further lower our service rates without compromising the overall results and performance.

There are a number of services scoped by janitorial work. General cleaning is a versatile process that involves various tasks including dusting furniture, cleaning walls and ceilings, wiping restroom mirrors, taking out the trash, gardening potted plants, etc. In some cases, professional cleaning service is also needed for large occasions and gatherings in Santa Rosa CA, such as proms, graduations weddings, and birthdays. Our team of professional cleaners are extremely skilled and knowledgeable and can meet ever-changing demands and needs.

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We work with top-of-the-line cleaning products and utilize modern, state-of-the-art cleaning equipment. Whatever your janitorial cleaning needs are, Bill's Cleaning Service can make sure that your project is finished to your complete satisfaction. Do not hesitate and consult our office cleaning experts now! Give us a call at (707) 321-7400 to request a free, no obligation quote, inquire about our services and schedule your service appointment with our team.

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